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Thanks for your interest in returning to basketball with us. Due to participant and spacing limitations in place due to COVID-19 we can only work with small groups of players. HEALTH & SAFETY ARE OUR MAIN CONCERNS FOR PLAYERS AND COACHES. Please only register for one day of training to allow us to work with as many players as possible during the restriction period. As more time slots become available we will share them for registration.

As time passes and we are able to keep everyone safe these procedures will be adjusted.


Lady Lions Return to Play Guidelines

  • A mask must be worn upon arrival and departure (players).

  • Belongings and seats must be kept at least 6 feet apart from others.

  • Players must thoroughly wash their hands before beginning practice sessions.

  • Players must bring their own water bottles and never share drinking containers or use public water fountains.

  • Limited live play action will take place. This will focus on individual skill workouts. 

  • No physical contact between anyone, including players and coaches.

  • Players rebound for themselves and never handle another player's basketball. Coaches do not pass to or rebound for players.

  • Coaches are to wear face masks at all times.

  • Players must leave the court and gym as soon as their workout is complete.


A family with more than one child in the same household can come in together and share a ball and basket. Contact Coach Tully or Coach Alexis to get approval for this.


Length of Time: 1 Hour per session.

Number of Players per Session: Ten (10) - each player has her own basket or area and ball

Instructors per session: One (1) or Two (2) - no more than two

Parents/Spectators: Not allowed in gym, must wait in car or outside of facility. Must sign a waiver before their child participates.

Cleaning/Disinfecting: All equipment will be cleaned with Lysol or Clorox wipes before and after use. Players are responsible for cleaning equipment after they have used it.

Cost: $50 (One-time fee. Covers everything until we return to team games and tournaments.)

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